MERCH was founded by Susan Sherman and Tania Beasley-Jolly, fashion professionals and tastemakers in visual and performing arts. Inspired by a shared love of travel, art, and all things fabulous, the pair began dabbling in connecting fashions hottest brands to consumers in St. Louis – and MERCH emphatically emerged from the frills.

Sherman's expertise in marketing, public relations, and special events has taken her to Atlanta, New York, and Paris. Beasley-Jolly is a former Saks Fifth Avenue marketing executive, opera singer, and royalist, who has lived throughout Europe and Asia as a creative consultant. Sherman and Beasley-Jolly are also co-founders of the Saint Louis Fashion Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting emerging designers and revitalizing the Garment District in Downtown St. Louis.


All photos on this site are courtesy of the brands mentioned.